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The “Top 5 List” for Using This Site to Get Hired!

Moises Melgar-Sotelo Resume Page
  1. Look Your Best! – No, this is not a dating site…it’s more important than that!  Will what’s cool and compelling on Snapchat or Instagram be the same for the president or hiring manager at company you’d really like to work for? This may be your first real venture into the world of business, but make no mistake, it is a business venture! Want a mechanical contractor to take a chance on you? Then, do your part, and use your first impression to make them believe you just might be worth it! Does this mean a studio portrait? Coats, ties, suits? Probably not…unless that’s how you really feel comfortable and want to come across. Most jobs in this industry don’t require that…on the other hand, that t-shirt and flip-flops shot from the kegger should never see the light of day on the GreatFutures website. If you think of these two scenarios as the opposite ends of a set of scales, it’s better to err on the side of being more formal than vice versa. Let the contractor see your face. Have a shot of you in a work environment? Awesome…if all the other factors we just described are met. Piping in the background…hey, this is the mechanical contracting industry. But what about that shot of you and five of your best buddies? Which one’s you? Don’t make the potential hirer guess. One person per shot dispels confusion.
  2. Introduce Yourself! – The About Me area is an opportunity to let a potential employer know a little bit about you and your career goals. Think of it as the LinkedIn summary on steroids or a miniature cover letter. Do you want to become a Project Manager? Are you looking for a specific type of company? Tell them! Do you enjoy tinkering with tech or building robots in your spare time? Let them know! Show potential employers what makes you unique. Remember, the whole goal is to stand out from the crowd.
  3. Really Work that SKILLS Section! – Our online information form contains a number of sections where we ask about you, but the SKILLS section is the place to really make yourself shine. What do we mean by skills? These are learned, studied, and practiced activities that enable you to do specific technical things for your new employer…such AutoCAD, BIM, Microsoft Office proficiencies, other specialized software or activities (for example an OSHA-approved safety course) you have in your personal arsenal. Skills enable you to readily dive into work that helps the contractor with only minimal instruction about anything that is specific to the job at hand, which, in turn, allows them more opportunity to teach you about the business. What about things like “I’m a good listener,” “I get along well with others,” etc.? In a word, NO! Those are attitudinal or personality traits…being good at those is expected of all employees!
  4. Don’t Hide from the Search Engine! – A related point…the resume search feature on this site only searches words in the profile form. Skills, education or other detailed information included in your PDF resume will only be read by a contractor who downloads your resume. So…to be sure all your most important selling points can be searched, cut and paste that information from your PDF resume into the profile form and attach the PDF resume so it can be printed and shared.
  5. Accuracy Counts! – Regardless of how professional or personable you may look in your attached photo, no matter how many valuable skills you may have, if your resume is rife with misspellings and bad grammar, if your photo is so poorly framed that all a prospective employer can see are your eyes and nose (and even those are out of focus), if you start a compelling sentence and forget to finish it, or include anything that may portray you as someone who rushes through and doesn’t check his/her work, you’re probably toast!  Go back and check your entire submission at least twice before submitting it…do the same thing after you submit it…look at it critically on the website, read it critically, and if you don’t like anything, CHANGE IT!

Simply following and emphasizing these top 5 things can significantly increase your chances of being hired as an intern or full-time employee by a really outstanding MCAA contractor…but you have to meet them half way and make them believe you’re worth their two most important assets (and neither is money)…their time and their faith in you as a prospect! Good luck.