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Say Thank You Like you Mean It – with a Thank-You Note

Thank You Note

So…you had your first job interview and it went well.  The interviewer was impressed with your credentials and asked about your salary requirements, references and start date.  What now?  If you would like to set yourself apart from your competitors, you could send a thank-you note.

Sending a thank-you note to a prospective employer following an interview accomplishes several objectives:

  • Conveys your sincere appreciation for his/her consideration;
  • Provides you with another opportunity to remind the interviewer of your relevant experience, education credentials and other high points;
  • Allows you to state your interest in being hired for the position; and
  • Demonstrates your professionalism and another positive side of your character.

Keep it professional.  A carefully written thank-you note following an employment interview should be on stationery, then stamped and mailed via the U.S. Postal Service within a day of the interview.  A quick e-mail thank you is fine, but consider following it up with a well thought out note.

Keep it short. Mention a few relevant comments to show that you listened, and connected, with the person you’re thanking.  Briefly state how  your experience and education match—even exceed (if that’s true)—the requirements for the position.

Conclude by repeating your appreciation. Even if you aren’t right for that position, your professional courtesy will make a difference, and you never know where the connection might lead.

Check it before you send it.  Ask someone to read over your letter for spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes before you sign and send it.

Thanks for the Advice…or the Reference…or the Job Lead

A professional thank-you note is a nice touch for lots of different situations, not just job interviews; for that contact you made at a conference who spent some time offering career suggestions and shared their business card, the who went out of their way to recommend you to a colleague or contact of theirs or someone who gave you a lead on an exciting new position.  A quick note of thanks lets them know you appreciated the time they spent sharing their experience, advice and information.

Want to do more? Have some correspondence cards printed with your name and contact info, and use these for your notes. At a source like you can choose conservative, 5.5” by 4” flat personalized business note cards for as little as 10 cards for $8 and have them customized.

People respond to gratitude. You may have heard the saying, “To get a friend, be a friend.” Take this extra important step and you’ll not only be more likely to get the job you really want, you will make loads of talented friends along the way.