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MCAA Student Chapter Resources

MCAA’s student chapter program is dedicated to helping students prepare for careers in the mechanical construction and service industry. When a student joins a chapter, MCAA, MCAA’s local affiliate and the college or university commit to providing that student every opportunity to develop professional skills, knowledge and experiences.

MCAA’s Career Development Committee has resources available to help student chapter members manage the overall operations, recruitment and successes of a chapter. Click on the links below to download MCAA Student Chapter documents:

MCAA Student Chapter Best Practices & Guidelines detail the policies, procedures and rules to operating a chapter and share the MCAA resources available to student chapter members.

MCAA Student Chapter Workbook guides the chapter through meetings, recruitment, social media, fundraising, community service and the various activities of a student chapter.

All MCAA Student chapters are required to return their completed workbook to the national MCAA office each year.

MCAA Student Chapter Recruiting Presentation showcases the benefits of joining an MCAA Student Chapter. A customizable template is included in the notes section of the PowerPoint.

If you have any questions, would like more information or are interested in starting an MCAA Student Chapter, please contact MCAA’s Director, Career Development, Megan Walsh.