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Learn How to Build and Coach a Team for Growth at MCAA18

Chip Valutis Companies with an effective team of people are bound to succeed. During two sessions, Dr. Chip Valutis will share with you insights, techniques and tips on how to transform your staff into a results-oriented, effective team and how to keep your team performing at its best with coaching designed for growth and business success.

Discover How Coaching for Growth Can Improve Your Business at MCAA18

People make (or break) your business. However, you may not be confident in how to coach them for growth. Are you getting enough out of your A Players? Do you have too many C Players roaming around? Is there a plan to ensure B Players maintain their contributions? These talent management questions keep many leaders up at night. This session will take the mystery out of coaching and start you on the path to growth. You’ll learn to identify your A, B and C players and leave with practical methods to coach each type. Come and upgrade your talent management skills; your business will be glad you did!

Learn How to Transform Your Staff into a Team at MCAA18

Teams don’t just happen; they are created. Most leaders would love a high-performance team at their disposal, but they don’t know how to create one. Consequently, most have a “staff” instead of a “team.” The transformation is possible, but you need to know the “do’s” and “don’ts,” what to look for and what to avoid as your team evolves. During this session, Dr. Chip Valutis shares insights, tips and techniques he’s learned from more than 20 years of helping leadership teams perform at their best.

Dr. Chip Valutis is a principal with Valutis Consulting, Inc., a management consulting firm in Buffalo, NY. As a psychologist, he appreciates the complexity of people, teams and organizations. As a management consultant, he loves to simplify the complex into practical tools, techniques and practices. He strives to help successful companies build the people, systems and plans required for the next level of growth.

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